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Longonot Place, 1st Flr, Kijabe St, Nairobi 

South Airport Rd off Mombasa Rd 

Finance Hse, 10th Flr, Loita St 

New Commercial Hse, 3rd Flr, Commercial St 

Kampus Towers, University Way 

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World Wide Printing Centre, Next to Stima Sacco, 4th Flr, Mushembi Rd, Nairobi 

Mombasa Trade Centre, Nkrumah Rd 

Agip Hse, 4th Flr, Wing B, Rm 39, Haile Selassie Ave 

Commerce Hse, 6th Flr, Moi Ave 

Shelter Afrique Hse, 1st Flr, Mamlaka Rd 

New Waumini Hse, 6th Flr, Chiromo Rd 

Trance Towers, 6th Flr, Tsavo Rd 

Tembo Co-op Hse, 7th Flr, Rm 7, Moi Ave 

Kaderbhoy Bldg, 1st Flr, Suite 28, Nkrumah Rd 

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