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    Kogo Star Plaza Shop No.4, Gr Flr, Mai Mahiu Rd Off Langata Rd
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    Ole Shapara Ave
    Category: Medical Centres
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    next to Health Way M, Sungura Rd
    Category: Tuition
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    Mariakani Christian Centre, Mchumbi Rd
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    Capital Centre, 1st Flr, Mombasa Rd
    Category: Clinics
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    Vision Plaza, 1st Flr, Suite 35, Mombasa Rd
    Category: Digital Imaging
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    Nairobi South Medical Centre, Sungura Rd
    Category: Hospitals
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    Panari Sky Centre, 3rd Flr, Mombasa Rd
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    Petunia Court, Ol-Musalala Rd off Mumias South Rd
    Category: Business