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  • 55
    Nyota Bldg, Gr Flr, Accra Rd
  • 56
    Occidental Plaza (Bldg 05), 1st Flr, Muthithi Rd
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  • 57
    The Godown Arts Centre, Dunga Rd
  • 58
    Exeter Trading Company (Bldg 38), Dar-es-Salaam Rd
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  • 59
    Heritan House Opp DOD Headquarters, Woodlands Rd
    Category: Exporters
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  • 60
    Devcon Hse, Lunga Lunga Rd Off Mogadishu Rd
    Category: Meters
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  • 61
    Jamia Plaza, 2nd Flr, Tubman Rd
  • 62
    Water Mark Business Park, Ndege Rd off Langata Rd
    Category: Horticulture
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  • 63
    Fuji Trading Premises Opp Vision Plaza, Mombasa Rd
    Category: Retail Shops
  • 64
    Category: Business
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  • 65
    Vacu-Lug Bldg, Gr Flr, Dar-es-Salaam Rd