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    Maharaja Bldg opp MP Shah Hospital, Shivachi Rd
    Category: Batteries
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  • 23
    Shamneel Court Next To Unga Hse, 1st Flr, Muthithi Rd Off Parklands Rd
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  • 24
    Ojijo Court, Ojijo Rd
    Category: Accountants
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  • 25
    Watamu Court (Bldg 4), Lower Kabete Rd
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  • 26
    Aga Khan Hospital Doctors Plaza, 122, 3rd Parklands Ave
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  • 27
    A Team Premises Opp Unga Hse, Maua Cls off Parklands Rd
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    Abacus Porperty premises, General Mathenge Drv
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  • 31
    ABC Bank Hse, Woodvale Grv
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  • 32
    Eurodent Centre (Bldg No. 50), No.3, School Ln
    Category: Hotels