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Tiwi/Diani Road, South Coast, Kenya
P.O.Box: 96245 - 80110
1. Food Colour 2. Golden Chick
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About Kenya Bixa Limited

Kenya Bixa Limited is a leading producer of day old chicks and chicken capons namely Golden Chik and Golden Chicken respectively. The company diversified into poultry in 2004 to cushion itself from the risk of relying on one product at a time when the bixa market was not as lucrative. It has since grown into a fully integrated sector comprising breeding farm, hatcheries and broiler processing. Through technical collaboration with VH group of India, Kenya Bixa Limited has been able to establish on of the most advanced poultry husbandry and processing in the region. The company maintains this collaboration in technological areas for improvement of productivity at both breeding farm and hatchery. With the support of VH group, Kenya Bixa Limited is today one of the few companies to implement artificial insemination (A.I) and cage systems for breeder layers in Africa. The two techniques have been implemented successfully, leading to a higher productivity, efficiencies and better quality chicks. Kenya Bixa Limited operates an integrated poultry system comprising breeding farm, hatcheries and broiler commercial.

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  • Bixin oil The vegetable oil is being considered for its potential as a pesticide. It is also used as oil based colourant Jephra/Egg Gold These are by-products of norbixin production that are gaining prominence in the animal feed industry for natural egg york pigmentation as well as a major ingredient in the feed formulation. Bixin powder The extract is an oil-soluble colourant mainly used for oil based products such as magarines, butter, processed cheese, fats etc Processing The processing of Bixin is similar to that of Norbixin except that the hydrolysis step is omitted. Bixin content is 25% maximum. Annatto seed and Ground annatto powder The seed is cleaned and packed whole or ground and packed for export. These are prepared under very high standard of hygiene. Pests and contaminations are controlled to ensure safe and natural products to our customers. Uses These are used as spices and an ingredient in many traditional South America sauces. Norbixin powder This is our flagship product providing water soluble colorants for products such cheese,ice creams,yoghurt, bakery products etc The Bixa seeds are washed with water and dilute alkali solution to extract the color (Bixin). The Bixin extract is passed through a series of purification processes and then hydrolyzed. The hydrolyzed solution is then acidified with dilute mineral acid to precipitate the free Norbixin.
  • Background Production Operations Bixa Products Supply Chain Crop Husbandry Background Bixa operations started 30 years ago for purposes of processing bixa annatto into the water soluble powder called Norbixin. Bixa crop was introduced to Kenya by the Japanese in collaboration with the Kenya Government to the coastal region due to favourable climatic conditions with an objective to support sustainable economic development of the region. Today bixa, locally referred as ‘mrangi’, remains one of the top cash crops in the region. Over the years production, capacity increased from 25mt to stand currently at over 90 mt of Norbixin annually. Other by-products include bixin (oil soluble), annatto, annatto oil and Jephra. We are today the leading supplier of high quality annatto and annatto extract in the world. Our bixa business is ISO 9001:2008 certified. We acknowledge the confidence our customers have had on our products over the years. We believe in long term relationship and over the years our delighted customer base continues to grow.